Gita (music) Meit (friendship) began as the Burmese extension of “Kitamit”, a series of exchange concerts with Thai, Burmese and American musicians in Chiang Mai, Yangon and Mandalay in 1999 initiated by Kit Young (pianist/composer). Gitameit Music Center was established in Tarmwe Township of Yangon with Kit Young, U Moe Naing (choir conductor, jazz pianist) and Tayaw U Tin Yi (violinist) in December 2003.

Under the umbrella of Gitameit Music Center our respective goals combined:
1. Initiating a program of higher study in Western music skills, at that time, lacking in any government, private/secular school settings, simultaneously mindful of including music from Myanmar and cultures of Asia.

2. Offering a civil society space and platform for both practitioners of contemporary arts and Burmese traditional musicians to meet, participate in performances, create new work and archives.

3. Providing support for young Burmese musicians to connect with companies, embassies, NGO’s, foreign visitors gaining confidence and leadership through performances and contact.