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Cyclone Nargis Relief

Need For Seed: Planting Season, Myanmar

It’s rice planting season here in Myanmar and, two months after Cyclone Nargis, many of the more able-bodied survivors are experiencing a sense of urgency to get their rice crops started. If they can plant quickly, they have much better likelihood of reestablishing their homes and their lives, hopefully harvesting rice in 6 months rather than having to wait until December 2009. Unfortunately, many things still stand in their way.

Seed is an obvious need for almost all of the farmers in the delta. Survivors who are asked to prioritize what they need help with have recently been telling HOPE and other relief agencies that seed is up at the top of their lists. Seed will allow people to secure their own food supply, and many people are expressing a preference for help to grow their coming year’s food supply over many of the other types of aid that the UN and other organizations are now offering, including shelter and food aid.

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Road to Wah Ba Lout Thout – Independent Local Aid Mission

This bad road makes the village even more distant from the outside world. Along the road people are waiting for someone who will drive them somewhere. They had to leave their homes. There is no doubt, if they told you their story the cyclone would be the reason and I am sure you would be […]


Beyond Rangoon Project Relief Trip 9 to Taw Chike Village

Report for relief Trip #9 conducted on Saturday, 31 May to Kyonda area (Taw Chike Village) Photos of trip #9 On this trip we used boats to reach villages that were inaccessible by road. We confirmed once again that the “official” aid effort is concentrated on large towns; little to no aid is getting to […]


More Aid Diaries from Gitameit Volunteers

Gitameit Volunteer Meditation center, Pagoda in Hlaing Thaya I think our method of providing aid is effective only because the abbot supervised our activities. We should continue to visit this location in the future. Shwe Pauk Kan The refugee camp is not so far from the city. So the situation doesn’t seem so bad. I […]


June 2 Report on Independent Aid Mission by a Group of Local Volunteers

Good morning to you. I received 3750 water purifying tablets and some pills for indigestion and diarrhea from Gitameit. Thanks to everyone indeed! The trip was a success. Gitameit staff shared knowledge which is very important for the work we are doing now. They provided a set of questions to ask and study the situation […]