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Gitameit’s Students

The adult students at Gitameit learn through their own performing how better to communicate skills in their teaching. As in any music school, some students opt to teach, some not. For those that wish to teach, many opportunities are provided to increase their experience. Gitameit encourages a long-term view of teaching and performing as resource for the community. Gitameit students now have jobs teaching or accompanying through the International School Yangon, Do Re Mi Music School, and Hla Shwe Piano School. Gitameit also provides instruction for children.

Meet the Students:

My name is Mee Mee or Chit Moh Moh The. I received a BA in music from our Culture University. I played piano since I was young. Since Gitameit opened I studied with Sayama Kit Young and did other activities. Since I came to Gitameit, I’ve learned who different composers are, how much piano music there is. At Gitameit the different visiting foreign musicians have taught me so much. I have sung in the senior choir since it started. We all sing in the choirs. I am now the conductor of the Junior choir. I also teach piano to the children. I sing soprano in our a cappella group Gitapella.

My name is Thuta. I am 17 years old male student at Gitameit. I have graduated from High School. I have been learning piano with Sayama Kit Young for two years. I can safely say that learning music during these two years was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Music has taught me so much and broadened my perspective. I will be forever grateful to Gitameit for this. I got to play in a piano trio; we named it “The Orion Trio”. Our first performance was in October 2004. It was the first chamber music performance by Myanmar students in Myanmar. One of the most memorable times in Gitameit was when I played the harpsichord stop on an electric keyboard with the Thaming Chamber Orchestra. Our conductor was Goesta Muller from Austria. He was the first teacher to teach me keyboard voicing. I didn’t even know it existed. But I learned it in time for the performance, which was Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.3. I am really happy to learn it because it has given me more opportunities to play.

I am E Tuang and I’m from near Chin State. I’m a guitarist and study recording engineering. I’m 26. I came to Gitameit in 2004. I’m learning classical and jazz music which is widening my music career. I enjoy Gitameit, we are learning music history, theory and sing in the choir. We have sessions which make us more friends and sharing with each other.

I’m Mun Mun. I’m a second year student in economics, but I’m also studying voice at Gitameit. I’ve been here 2 years. There is so much here to learn. Thank you for this.

I’m Eain Minn Htet. I have a Bachelors degree in science. I came to Gitameit to learn singing techniques. I’m studying voice I teach what I know to new students. I’m also a choir member. Gitameit offers so much to learn in music. Because of the international musicians coming to Gitameit, I’ve gotten a lot of knowledge about music. I really appreciate Gitameit.

Hello. I’m Thuzar and I’m 25. I have a B.A in Music from Culture University, Yangon. I’ve learned a lot from choir, Gitapella (one of our Gitameit a cappellla groups). I teach violin here to children and beginning adults. I have a chance to share musical ideas with international musicians.

I’m Maung Thit Ti. I’m 18 and have been here for 2 and half months studying vocal and piano subjects. Gitameit is like my mother. I’m really proud of being a Gitameit music student. I think of Gitameit as my extended family. I’m from Mandalay and I’m on scholarship.

I am Ki Shing. I’ve been at Gitameit since March 2006. It’s an excellent music center. I’m from Chin state. I focus on singing now but I also study guitar and piano. We have finally a chance to study music easily and freely and I enjoy this. I’d like to say thank you.

I’m Ricky. I study here since April 2005. I’m studying voice. I finished Polytechnics school. I’m getting a lot of music foundation and vocal techniques. I enjoy learning music. I believe that Gitameit will produce outstanding musicians in the future.

I am from Yangon. I’m Pyi Phyo Han. I came to Gitameit only since January 2006. This music center has a high standard. I never know how high that could be. I came to study guitar. Now, I understand what keys are in international notation. I can play a little classical guitar. At first I was so depressed because it all was so hard but then after two or three months I begin to get feeling of playing. I’m learning theory, Guitar and Choir. I heard about Gitameit from their concert at IBC which I loved the best. Gitameit is the school where money is not the most important aspect.

I’m Saw Patalar Htaw. I’m a guitar student from Hpa-an. I’ve been here for 2 years I’m also a 2nd year student of Distance Education University. I’ve finished Trinity College level IV. I’m really satisfied with studying music at Gitameit. I know that I must study very, very hard.

I’m Pyae Pyae. I was a violin major at Culture University and got a degree in 2003. I continue studying other kinds of music at Gitameit. While playing violin and teaching violin, I study choir and how to sing a cappella in Gitapella. My favorite concert was our “Good to Go” which raised funds for really poor students in Hlaingthaya. Because of Sayama Kit, we have a chance to meet international musicians and attend music workshops. So, thank you for our Gitameit.

I’m Music

Music is my life

Music is my future

Music is my hope

Everybody who loves music can meet in Gitameit. Therefore I’m in Gitameit. By the way, my name is Htun Htun.

Hi! My name is Teresa Lahpai Hkawn Zet. I am from Myikyina in Kachin State and I am Kachin. I am 29 years old. I finished my Bachelors degree in geography in 2003. Luckily, I have a chance to learn my music in Gitameit Music Center. Before I am here I shared music with young people as much as I knew. One of the priests also encouraged me to study music. I am very poor. My family could not afford for me to attend this music school. But that priest sponsored me for six months. Now, I have been given a scholarship by Gitameit and I am very happy. Our Catholic Church in Myitkyina is very weak in music. We did not use the piano. When the Columbian missionaries arrived, they used piano and violin, but then after they left, no one could use these instruments. I am eager to start this again. But I must know about music and how to play the piano. Now, I am joining the choir, voice class, rudiments of music, a cappella song-writing, piano. My main major is piano. I also want to learn how to conduct. After finishing my music school, I will lead our choir back home. I am interested to share my music. I think Gitameit Music Center is the best one in Myanmar.

My name is Hpong Latt Aung, a student at Gitameit Music Center, studying Guitar and Voice. I see Music as my love and life. Music is a real companion to human beings. I am participating in Gitameit Voices as a tenor. May Gitameit be longlived.

I am Nay Myo Aung. Music inspired me early in my childhood. After matriculation, I came to Yangon to join the University of Culture. Being late to catch the entrance examination as I had to come from a remote region, I had to change the path of my career. I joined a diploma course in Computer Arts. I realized that my thirst for music learning could not be quenched in the field of Computer Arts. Then, my dreams came true when I met U Moe Naing, the Piano Instructor and Director with Gitameit Music Center, Yangon. Now I have a strong determination to become a world class pianist taking world class music lessons in Gitameit. I am now doing well with Gitameit under the kind guidance of our pianist and teacher Kit Young. I am now receiving both lessons and scholarship so enthusiastically looking towards a broad horizon.

I am Sai Nyi Nyi. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Yangon. At the age of 18, I started a band and I wrote songs with my friends. Our band is called, “Green Born”. The name of our band comes from making music without knowing much about it. We realized that we needed to learn more about music. That’s how we came to Gitameit. I really enjoy being at Gitameit because I come to know the essence of music and how important relationships are among musicians. I’ve participated in many performances and activities in the last year. Our Green Born performed in the big “Good To Go” concert in February. We practiced so hard for that. In the end, the audience enjoyed it and that encouraged us.

I’ve had a dream since I was 15 or so to become a famous pop singer, successful businessman AND do something good for my country and Burmese people. Six months ago, Gitameit’s director Ko Mo Naing asked me to volunteer in a project that would benefit underprivileged people in Hlaing Thaya – a poor suburb. I threw myself into this heart and soul. We researched some monastery schools to see what was needed. We helped build and repair some school buildings, water tanks, give new desks. We started a summer school course in March ’06 for 86 school children ages 8 to 13. We teach English and Music. I co-ordinated the project. It is a great experience. In the future, I will try to work harder to become a great and smart musician for Gitameit and for my country.