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Beyond Rangoon Project Relief Trip 9 to Taw Chike Village

Report for relief Trip #9 conducted on Saturday, 31 May to Kyonda area (Taw Chike Village)

Photos of trip #9

On this trip we used boats to reach villages that were inaccessible by road. We confirmed once again that the “official” aid effort is concentrated on large towns; little to no aid is getting to the more remote villages, even almost a month since the cyclone. People in these areas are at risk for starving to death. It is also getting more and more difficult for us to operate in this area, as the police try to keep out foreigners or even Burmese making private donations. Our final destination for this trip was Taw Chike village, located three hours by boat from the Kungyangon town on the island of Kyonda. However, we later found another nearby village called “The Seven Houses Village” that was in much worse shape.

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