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Gitameit Trip to Daedaye, South of Yangon

Recently, several Gitameit students accompanied a relief team to Daedaye, a town south of Yangon. Two monks from the area had come to Yangon and heard about Gitameit’s relief work. They came to the school and told the students about how the storm had affected their villages and what kinds of supplies were needed. Gitameit quickly put together a team of two students, two doctors, and another volunteer familiar with the area, and started the trip. (You can find out about the experiences of the Gitameit students, Tha Nge and Thit Ti, by reading their journal entries on this site.)

The trip to Daedaye was a success and very important, as some of the villages the students visited said that these were the first relief supplies they had received. On the 3 day trip, the team distributed aid to almost 6,000 people, mostly rice, oil, fish, salt, and plastic tarps to use for temporary roofing. The doctors also saw many patients and distributed medications.

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