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The Concert of Japanese Music

From the website for The Embassy of Japan in Myanmar

On February 16, in Yangon, the Embassy of Japan hosted a concert of Japanese Music in coopearation with the Myanmar Association of Japan Alumni. In this concert the Choir of GITAMEIT MUSIC CENTER sang in total 19 Japanese songs from old folk music to some modern pop music. The variety in their repertoire fully displayed the richness in Japanese music. More than three hundred audience enjoyed this rare chance to listen to Japanese music by Myanmar young people. They were surprised how good their Japanese pronunciation. The members of the choir studied Japanese songs intensively and made rapid progress in a short time.

After the concert, the members of the choir made some comments about their experiences of singing in Japanese for the first time. They said that they liked the melodies of Japanese music and that through singing these Japanese songs they became interested in Japan itself. They also enjoyed wearing “Yukata” and “Happi”, Japanese traditional costumes.

The concert was a success in a sense that both the choir members and the audience not only enjoyed the beauty of Japanese music but also became interested in the background of the music , such as the beauty of Japanese nature, the Japanese way of thinking.