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More Aid Diaries from Gitameit Volunteers

Gitameit Volunteer

Meditation center, Pagoda in Hlaing Thaya
I think our method of providing aid is effective only because the abbot supervised our activities. We should continue to visit this location in the future.

Shwe Pauk Kan
The refugee camp is not so far from the city. So the situation doesn’t seem so bad. I don’t think their spirits are down because aid works come regularly.

South Dagon
I think that all the refugees are depressed and miserable. I don’t see their situation improving soon. I am sad, fed up, and feel sympathy for these refugees.

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Sai Nyi Nyi

I am Sai Nyi Nyi. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Yangon. At the age of 18, I started a band and I wrote songs with my friends. Our band is called, “Green Born”. The name of our band comes from making music without knowing much about it. We realized that we needed to […]