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The Myanmar Times: Dec. 19-25, 2005 – Night Moon Dance performance delights

by Ma Thanegi

Gitameit is a combination of two words: ‘gita’, meaning music, and ‘meit’, meaning friendship. Artists came together in friendship at the centre last week from across the globe; from the United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, and Myanmar; for a week-long workshop culminating in two truly unique performances the likes of which had never been witnessed by Myanmar audiences before.

The repertoire of each evening was based on the theme of ‘night, moon, and dance, also the title of a poem by workshop participant and Myanmar poet, Nyein Way. In Myanmar, the words are simply formed with one letter of the alphabet each: Nya, La and Ka. Artist San Oo, usually known as MSO, performed the poem, which was the inspiration for the evening’s performance.

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