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Sai Nyi Nyi


I am Sai Nyi Nyi. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Yangon. At the age of 18, I started a band and I wrote songs with my friends. Our band is called, “Green Born”. The name of our band comes from making music without knowing much about it. We realized that we needed to learn more about music. That’s how we came to Gitameit. I really enjoy being at Gitameit because I come to know the essence of music and how important relationships are among musicians. I’ve participated in many performances and activities in the last year. Our Green Born performed in the big “Good To Go” concert in February. We practiced so hard for that. In the end, the audience enjoyed it and that encouraged us.

I’ve had a dream since I was 15 or so to become a famous pop singer, successful businessman AND do something good for my country and Burmese people. Six months ago, Gitameit’s director Ko Mo Naing asked me to volunteer in a project that would benefit underprivileged people in Hlaing Thaya – a poor suburb. I threw myself into this heart and soul. We researched some monastery schools to see what was needed. We helped build and repair some school buildings, water tanks, give new desks. We started a summer school course in March ’06 for 86 school children ages 8 to 13. We teach English and Music. I co-ordinated the project. It is a great experience. In the future, I will try to work harder to become a great and smart musician for Gitameit and for my country.