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Photo Introduction to Gitameit

Welcome to Gitameit! Please come and visit us in person as well.

Mya Wai Bar — Listen Gitameit Students share Love to you

Mya-Wai-Bar-(SHARE!) 01-mya-wai-bar.mp3 Sung and composed by Gitameit students: Thar Nge, Hpong Latt Aung, Ki Shing Listen Gitameit students share Love to the people out there!


More Aid Diaries from Gitameit Volunteers

Gitameit Volunteer Meditation center, Pagoda in Hlaing Thaya I think our method of providing aid is effective only because the abbot supervised our activities. We should continue to visit this location in the future. Shwe Pauk Kan The refugee camp is not so far from the city. So the situation doesn’t seem so bad. I […]


Gitameit Trip to Daedaye, South of Yangon

Recently, several Gitameit students accompanied a relief team to Daedaye, a town south of Yangon. Two monks from the area had come to Yangon and heard about Gitameit’s relief work. They came to the school and told the students about how the storm had affected their villages and what kinds of supplies were needed. Gitameit […]


A day in the Relief Effort for 1 Gitameit student

Thit Ti- voice and piano student- 14-15 May 2008 At 7am, we met at Gitameit for our trip to Daydeye. After purchasing 100 bags of rice at Mingalardone Garden Housing and cooking oil, dried fish, salt, and tarps at Bayindaung, we went set off for Daydeye. As the truck was fully loaded with supplies, finding […]