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Road to Wah Ba Lout Thout – Independent Local Aid Mission

This bad road makes the village even more distant from the outside world. Along the road people are waiting for someone who will drive them somewhere. They had to leave their homes. There is no doubt, if they told you their story the cyclone would be the reason and I am sure you would be left speechless after hearing their story.

The village is located on the side of the Wah Ba Lout Thout river. The location is itself quite close to the sea. So the huge tidal wave came to the village and killed the helpless villagers at dark night on the 2nd of May. They will certainly not forget that fearful night.

After Nargis destroyed the village, a family who had lived in a big house could only rebuild a small hut with a plastic tarp. Those who had lived in huts became homeless. They have only received some plastic sheet from a private group – and that would be still nothing when it rains.

The village was so beautiful before the cyclone Nargis came the villagers said.

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